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We’re IT problem solvers and solution creators.

That’s why we built the term SOLUTIONS right into our name.

From dealing with your worst day as a business to helping you build the tools that you need to have the most successful day in your business’s history.

Find out how we can help your business win.


Our solutions team approaches challenges with an end to end solution in mind that unifies the processes that your business already has in place.

Our IT services have one goal in mind: keeping you doing what you do best and expanding your reach.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

That external hard drive that you’ve been using as a back up isn’t a good solution when it comes to protecting your business’s most important data, but if you also want to prevent data loss from server failures, we can help with that process. Tech Solutions can also help you sleep better.

IT Consulting

IT consulting with Tech Solutions is a partnership that is built on trust. When we partner with your company, we’re in it for the long haul.  No matter how your industry’s landscape may change,  your IT infrastructure will be secure and up to date.  Our consultations help you do what you do best .

Security Management

Whether you sell services or a physical product, your digital assets need to be kept safe and be properly managed to make sure you don’t leave your data exposed. Our security management team can help you reduce the overall level of risk that your organization faces and help you move boldly into the future.

Hardware Service

From secure servers to computer equipment, our team can help you with your existing hardware or help you find the right replacement hardware for your business’s growing IT needs. We can find the right hardware solution for you.

Web Design

We help businesses win online with world class web design services. Our team creates web sites that represent your businesses in the best possible way. Our websites are optimized to help you start gaining ground in the search results right away.

Security Service

Tech Solutions offers iron-clad IT security services for companies in any industry. From advanced digital forensics to fast response times and threat analysis. We will help your system stay secure and be ready for any cyber threats that you may face.

VOIP Phone Systems

Phone systems that work for your team no matter where your people are located. We provide the features that specifically help your team members communicate in the way that works best for them with right tools for instant messaging, virtual meetings, screen sharing and more.

Mobile Device Management

Increase your team’s access to your data, applications and services on the go with MDM solutions from our team at Tech Solutions. We can help you identify how to best deploy a MDM system and help you decide how to deploy it for your organization.

Business Management Planning

“What gets measured gets managed.” Peter Druker said it best. Our team can help you identify what needs to be measured  to ensure future success. We’ve been helping bussinesses with this process for the last 20 years.


You may not know how much money you’re actually losing because of little or no SEO for your business’s online presence.  Our team at Tech Solutions can help you aggressively move up in search engine results so that you can claim your online space and make it easier for your customers to find you.

Compliance Management

The more your organization grows, the more critical compliance management becomes. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Our experienced team can help your company with compliance standards for any industry. Compliance is a foundation for trust between you and your customers.


Creating an in-house IT department is a daunting task that can cost your company a lot of money. There is a better option with MSP Solutions from Tech Solutions. You can now hire our team as your very own IT department with a significantly reduced cost compared to having your in-house IT team.

Ready To Start?

Generating New Ideas. Removing IT limitations.


Years in business

years of combined it experience

Cups Of Coffee

Every business reaches a point where it’s held back by IT limitations.  It’s not always easy to know how to move past limitations.

Tech Solutions is made up of a team that has a total combined IT experience of over 100 years.

We face limitations head on and find IT solutions for every business we partner with.

We make those limitations a distant memory and help you win.

More value than an

in-house it department

For a long time, in-house IT was the gold standard for business.

Those days are long gone.

If you’re company’s proprietary data and critical information is siloed with just a few key people at your organization to a point where you can’t live with out them, you are running a significant risk for your business.

Tech Solutions offers an alternative for protecting your information and IT systems throughout any changes your business may experience.

No more worrying about what you’re going to do when Phil retires.

End to End IT Solutions to help your business

reach even further

What to expect when you call

You can expect speak to an experienced individual who knows what they’re talking about.

They’ll ask you specific questions to help you navigate what type of IT solutions you may benefit from.

You can expect direct, clear and helpful information that will be specific to your organization’s needs.

What to expect when you email

You can expect specific answers to your questions, not a sales pitch.

Our team wants to make sure that you get the information you need to make an accurate decision for your organization.

If you a phone call after our email, we can contact you at a day and time of your choosing.

Our results:

by the numbers

Replacing traditional in-house IT staff with an outsourced Managed Services Provider gives businesses a lower cost alternative and a higher level of service.
We understand that a business can not succeed without keeping the bottom line at the top of mind.

Technology Solutions partners with you to identify specific areas that provide the greatest opportunities to improve your business.

We strategically employ IT solutions to meet your goals, because your business is our business.

  • faster response times by 50%
  • faster it service by 75%
  • Above average roi by 55%



Partner with Technology Solutions.

We’re ready to help your business grow past the limitations of your current IT infrastructure and budget.

We’ll take care of your IT systems so you can take care of your customers.

We’ve helped over 500 businesses leave their IT worries behind and we’d love for you to be next.

With a cohesive technology and IT infrastructure system in place you will no longer have to worry about anything falling through the cracks. From network security and data protection to communications and compliance, Tech Solutions is ready to help.

We’re ready to partner with you to reach your organization’s goals.