IT Consulting

When you hire Tech Solutions, our IT consulting team partners with your business to help you win. We know that building trust can take time. When we partner with your business, you can expect us to be with you for the long term ROI. No quick fixes, here just solutions that stand the test of time.

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What Technology Solutions Does

The majority of IT consulting firms and Managed Service Providers (MSP) are specialized and limited to specific services that they can actually improve your business with.

If you hire an IT consulting group that has a primary strength of backup and disaster recovery for web development services, you may end up with a super secure and well backed up website but it may not look like you want it to.

We are not an IT firm that only specializes in one or two areas of IT services. Technology Solutions is a full-service IT Consulting Firm.

Why Tech Solutions IT Consulting Firm Is Different

Technology Solutions covers a broad range of IT services for businesses in any industry. We didn’t start out doing everything, but we’ve grown and learned over the last 20 years, after helping over 500 businesses, and assembling a team that has combined experience of over 100 years we are able to confidently provide world class IT consulting services for your business.

The advantage of hiring Tech Solutions as your IT consulting firm is simple: You don’t just receive a contract and a handshake. You get a relationship with an IT firm that is committed to your business’s success and that will be there to grow with you for years to come.


Technology Consulting

Our IT Consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Performance Improvement
  • Processing Improvement
  • IT Planning and Management
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Office 365 Migration and Management
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
Strategic Planning and IT Consulting Firm

More than a quick fix, these services provide long term solutions and processes that are designed for your business:

  • Aligning Business Objectives With Your IT Infrastructure
  • IT Management Transitions
  • ROI Analysis on Current IT Services
  • Cost Analysis for Outsourcing IT
IT Security Consulting
  • Data Protection Through Cloud Security
  • Regulatory and . Compliance Management
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning
  • Intrusion and Protection And Detection
  • Active Security Monitoring
Cloud Consulting
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud Performance
  • Active Cloud Management
  • Azure and AWS Setup, Configuration and Support
  • Virtual Machine (VM) Migration And Hosting
Voice Over IP (VoIP) Consulting
  • VOIP Troubleshooting and Support
  • VOIP Design and Configuration
  • VP and MPLS Configuration
  • VOIP Business Solutions
SEO Consulting
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Backlink Profile Analysis
  • Active Backlink Building
  • Website Optimization
  • Orphaned Content Analysis
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A Simple Process with Amazing Results

Our IT Consulting Firm’s process begins with a comprehensive IT assessment. We’ll identify specific business and IT criteria that your team can easily make progress on, measure and manage.

More Accomplished With Less
  • Reliable yet cost-effective IT Services.
  • New solutions for problems that have held your business back.
  • Improvement on the metrics that matter most to your business.
  • Multiple options for any budget.


It’s not always easy to stop and be able to identify what processes are broken or holding your business back when it comes to IT.

Tech Solutions takes ownership of your IT processes as if they were our own because the only thing that matters to us is what really matters to you. With a fresh perspective and experience in many different industries, we can create unique IT solutions with your team that can help your business grow. Our IT Consulting team is ready to help you reach the next level of growth for your business.

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