VoIP Phone Systems for Business

VoIP phone systems channel voice calls and data through IP networks, LANs (Local Area Networks) and the internet. These systems offer an incredible value and high level of functionality that can save your business money.

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Tech Solutions offers a wide range of VOIP Phone systems for businesses of any size.

We can help your business communicate faster, easier and amazingly affordable.When we partner with your business for VOIP phone systems service, you can expect us to be with you for the long term ROI. We provide flexible solutions that stand the test of time.

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How Do VOIP Systems Work?

Making Calls Across the Internet

VoIP phone systems allow users to make a phone call using a network, like the internet. VoIP services connect through your LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network) using your internet connection.

The advantage to VoIP is in the way that it converts your voice (An analog signal) into a digital signal packet. These packets are send across your network using the internet protocol (That’s the “IP” in VoIP) . These packets become your phone connection.

Get More Out of Your Internet Connection

With Tech Solutions VoIP phone systems, instead of having separate phone and internet lines coming into your office, you would only have the one line for your internet connection. Your internet connection now supports your online needs and your phone line.

This is a major cost savings to our clients that directly affects the bottom line. If your business is growing, please don’t waste more money on additional land lines.

Consider what a VoIP phone system can do for you.

Benefits of an IP Phone System

Cost Savings

Your utility budget could see a major impact based on the use of VoIP due to an VoIP system being much less expensive than traditional phone systems.


No more forwarding calls. VoIP systems work based on an internet connection which means anywhere you have internet, you have your same working phone number.

(Don’t worry voicemail still works too).


Your VoIP phone system can grow with your business.

As you take on more employees, you can add phone numbers with ease, and minimal expense.

Easier Call Routing and Screening

VoIP phones offer the option of an auto attendant, a virtual phone answering bot , who can actually answer a call and get it routed to the right person.  Another major labor cost savings with directing calls.

More Ways to Connect

Features like visual voicemail and email transcription save your people time and make them even more efficient, allowing them to stay connected with customers and their peers in a seemless fashion.

Data that Helps Your Business

Start getting real data that can give you insights on who is calling your business, and what actions they’ve taken prior to the phone call and after.

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Your phone System Made Better

It’s time for your phone system to catch up to your business. A VoIP phone system empowers your people to do more and get more work done on the go.

More accomplished with less:

  • Reliable yet cost-effective phone services.
  • Lowered phone bill for your business.
  • A way to make a small team be as accessible as a larger team.
  • Multiple options for any budget.
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