When you hire Tech Solutions, our security service team partners with your business to secure your business and close your security gaps as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We believe that your IT security is important and helps you build trust with your customers.

That’s why we work with you to ensure that we understand your business’s infrastructure before helping you choose the right security solutions.

We provide IT security solutions that evolve to meet every new threat your business faces.

Advanced Technology and Threat Intelligence To Protect Your Network:

Tech Solutions provides a multi-layered security approach that spans your entire network.

Right out of the gate, we’ll help you start closing gaps in your network’s security.

With the right combination of processes, people and software for around the clock support we’ll help your business reach a new level of security, and be ready for any threats you may face.

After 20 years of experience in IT security, you can be confident that a partnership with the Tech Solutions team will be a great asset for your organization.

Tech Solutions believes that every great business partnership is built on trust.

We believe that listening and grasping a full understanding of your business’s IT needs is the first step towards a great partnership.

We’ve been fortunate enough to provide a broad range of IT services for businesses in many industries.

We didn’t start out doing everything, but we’ve grown and learned over the last 20 years, after helping over 500 businesses, and assembling a team that has combined experience of over 100 years we are able to confidently provide world class IT security service for your business.

The advantage of hiring Tech Solutions for your IT security service is simple: You don’t just receive a contract and a handshake.

You get a relationship with an IT firm that is committed to your business’s success and that will be there to grow with you and protect your business for years to come.

How IT Security Works


Your company’s network faces IT security threats by way of entry points that outside parties can gain access to your information.

While the methods of hackers are always changing, our team works hard to secure those entry points so that only the right people can access your information.

  • Network Intrusions
  • Compromised Credentials
  • Device with Data Loss
  • Email Data Loss
  • Malicious Websites
  • Zero-Day Network Compromises

Talk to an experienced team member on the phone with any questions you have:



While IT breaches have become more sophisticated over the years, some of the best solutions that work are the most simple.

Simple is great, but we believe that simple IT security management solutions only work when they are combined with consistent attention and monitoring.

You may have an in-house IT team, but chances are they’re tasked with fixing infrastructure issues, and other internal projects.

With Tech Solutions IT security management you can save on your labor cost and have our team of experienced experts working for you while keeping your IT team on other projects.


Technology Solutions offer protective services through our IT security and management team that give your business a dedicated IT security and management team.

We don’t just stop there.

If you’re using Tech Solutions as your Managed Service Provider (MSP) then you’re already experiencing a secure network for your business’s IT needs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and you experience a breach.

Most businesses do not even have the luxury of knowing that  they’ve experienced a breach until it’s been reported by a 3rd party.

We can start securing your business today.


  • Network Endpoints
  • Malware and Virus Attacks
  • Sophisticated and Strategic Attacks
  • Employee Error
  • IT Administrator error
  • Account Hijacking
  • Hacked API’s
  • Compromised Credentials


Many of the past investments that our clients have made before hiring us involve preventing intruders, focusing on the security of their network’s perimeter.

It is safe to assume that no matter how much money you’ve spent that there are still vulnerabilities in your network, but when you work with a Managed Service Provider like Tech Solutions you get the benefit of an IT team that serves multiple industries and is constantly made aware of new threats that could affect your business.

The businesses that we’ve partnered with count on us for the best when it comes to IT security management.

They know that we’re not just there to sell them more services, but that we have a vested interest in their success.


Whether your business is big enough to have a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), or not, Tech Solutions can be your virtual CISO.

Many companies who may have a CISO will still find that one of the hardest resources to have consistently is a skilled IT security management employee.When your IT security is at the bottom of your IT priority list compromises happen.

Once an IT team starts having to cut corners, it’s nearly impossible to implement new security protocols or stay up to date with the latest threats that your industry faces.When you bring our team on board to hand IT security you’ll have fixed budget but amazing results that keep your business safe.

You’ll receive full IT security management services from our team of experts that ultimately saves your business money.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Contact us with any IT  questions you may have.


It’s a beautiful thing when the systems you’ve worked hard to design for your business work the way that they’ve been designed.

Technology Solutions strives to bring you exceptional value for your business and exceed ROI expectations when it comes to IT security service.

We know that your business took time to build, and you’ve committed significant resources to gain your customer’s trust.

We work hard to make sure that trust is never compromised through solid, IT security service.

For us, it’s simple:  We want your network to be secure and your information to only stay in the hands of people you trust.

Our team works with you to provide a partnership that leverages technology to maximize your business’s security level and help you do what you do best.

There are no cookie-cutter formats here. We are only about one thing: your business and your goals.

As an Managed Service Provider (MSP), we understand that IT service service recommendations may be one thing, but setting up and executing secure, functional systems that work is another set of challenges all together.

With over a century’s worth of combined experience and knowledge, and the toolsets to compliment our skilled staff, we stand ready to assist, and provide the guidance and partnership to help you move successfully into the 21st century.

Our solutions are tailored to your organizations needs.



Our IT security management process begins with a comprehensive IT assessment.

We’ll identify specific vulnerabilities that are unique to your organization.

We’ll also work with you to identify and protect the most important information for your organization.

Improvement on the security metrics that matter most to your business.

Multiple security packages for any budget.

Stop letting your unsecured it systems keep you up at night

It’s not always easy to stop and be able to identify what parts of your network are unsecured, broken or holding your business back when it comes to IT security.

Tech Solutions takes ownership of your IT security as if they were our own business because the only thing that matters to us is what really matters to you.

With a best in class security solutions in multiple industries, we can create unique IT security solutions with your team that can keep your business secure.

Our IT security team is ready to help you reach the next level of growth for your business.





IT masters. All the things you don’t want to learn and more.

-Harper’s Hut.



No more worrying about protecting your information.

We’re ready to help your business start winning with an IT security management partnership

We’re ready to join your team, identify and implement solutions so you can take care of your customers.

We’ve helped over 500 businesses leave their IT worries behind and we’d love for you to be next.

With a cohesive technology and IT infrastructure system in place you will no longer have to worry about anything falling through the cracks. From network security and data protection to communications and compliance, Tech Solutions is ready to help.

We’re ready to partner with you to reach your organization’s goals.