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Colocation vs Cloud Services

Whether you’re starting a new businesses or growing an existing enterprise, it’s important to periodically re-examine your data-needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small-time shaved ice stand, a mid-sized online boutique, or a Fortune 500 corporation, maintaining a safe and speedy data-stream is of the utmost importance in a 21st Century market.  This ain’t your […]

How Outsourcing IT Support Will Benefit Your Business

Why Outsourcing a Helpdesk Makes Good Business Sense. The motivation behind why so many companies now choose to outsource their helpdesk is fueled by increased demand for a near-perfect IT function at all times. With increased dependence on IT, the requirement to be ‘always on’ is also much greater than it has ever been before. […]

Five Ways New Technology Helps Accounting Firms

Five Ways New Technology Helps Accounting Firms Work Smarter, Faster, Better, and Cheaper – Easily Doing More for Clients As technology continues to advance, nearly every industry and segment has found new ways to do business in better ways, serve their customers more powerfully, and create space for individual firms to significantly distinguish themselves from their competitors. […]

Top Tips On Setting Workplace Goals In 2020

Workspace Goals in 2020 A workplace is just as efficient as the employees that work in it. So, what really makes a workplace more efficient and conducive for better productivity? Is it the working capabilities of an employee, their motivation to work, or achievable business goals? Honestly, it is a combination of all, that works like a charm. […]

Everything you need to know about SAST VS DAST

Static application security testing and dynamic application security testing; often referred to as SAST and DAST, are both different types of appsec solutions that deliver security testing and robust application security testing solutions. This article will go over everything you need to know regarding DAST and SAST security testing. Quick Links Is DAST or SAST The Right […]