Top Tips On Setting Workplace Goals In 2020

Workspace Goals in 2020

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A workplace is just as efficient as the employees that work in it. So, what really makes a workplace more efficient and conducive for better productivity? Is it the working capabilities of an employee, their motivation to work, or achievable business goals?

Honestly, it is a combination of all, that works like a charm.

To have a winning formula, motivation and achievable goals constitute an integral role. Goals are achieved only when the employees are motivated, and there is no motivation unless and until you have set achievable workplace goals.

Today, we look at a segment that brews better productivity into the workplace, achievable goals. We have interacted with the most influential ‘business-talismans’ and curated their opinions. What we have are the top tips for setting workplace goals in 2020, as recommended by the experts themselves.

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Evaluating The Previous Year’s Performance

Last year versus this year

If you don’t learn from the past, you’re bound to make the same mistake as you previously did. Check the previous year’s goals if you had any and point out the areas where you lagged behind, the assets you achieved, challenges you overcame, and the efforts that made you succeed.

According to research, goals written on paper are 42% more likely of being achieved than intangible goals. A written goal based on previous year’s performance (i.e., 2019) can soon become a commitment and be realistic to the employees, giving you the best goals for 2020.

Setting the right goals

Lofty goals may appear to look absolutely stunning on paper, but they might backfire as they aren’t always easy to achieve. Setting the goal too high may make it very difficult to tackle often times leading to failures.

Setting goals that are possible to be achieved with a ‘synergy-cal’ effort by employees can be done by using the GROW model or the SMART goals methods that are explained in the following section.

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A phenomenal structure for communicating with the team and planning goals is the GROW model. The model follows a direct linkage to the primary purpose of the objective.

  • Goal: The first aspect is to make the goals as realistic as possible, which must also comply with the SMART goal method. Only then is it worth to spend your energy on them.
  • Reality: The next step is to evaluate the reality of the goals
  • Options: third elements to be evaluated while formulating the goals.
  • What Next? Provides the momentum of each stage and shows how to approach the goals.


For the setting of powerful and achievable goals in 2020, the SMART model should be used during the planning of goals stage. The essence of the SMART model is to set:

  • Specific Goals: Clear, well-defined goals should be preferred, and vague, generalized goals should be ignored. This step sets the direction in which you will go.
  • Measurable Goals: Including the dates, precise amounts, expenses, and reduction can measure the degree of success of your goal.
  • Attainable Goals: Do not aim for something that is nearly impossible to achieve, that just erodes the confidence. Instead, set attainable goals that are realistic and challenging.
  • Relevant Goals: Align the goals in the direction that you want to proceed, which saves time and keeps your focus where it needs to be.
  • Time-Bound Goals: Deadlines create a sense of urgency and keep you working perpetually. It also gives the time when you can celebrate the success of achieving a goal.

Setting goals that motivate, and prioritizing the goals

Set-up goals that motivate you and make sure that they add value on achieving and are important for your progress.

To have constant motivation while working towards achieving your goals, set them in such a way that they relate to the high priorities in your life. To do this, evaluate the ‘why’ aspect, answering what value and importance the goal hold to you.

Your goal list may have as few as 5 goals to achieve, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating a proper hierarchy between them. On the basis of your interest, your goals should be divided and prioritized as low priority, medium priority, and high priority.

Division and priority give you an idea about which goals you should focus on first. Apart from giving you a stable flow-process, it also lets you avoid stretching in different directions when achieving goals.

A time management system

Time Management

Without discipline and punctuality in delivery, neither intellect nor genius can help you to achieve goals. Discipline, as we know, doesn’t come naturally to humans, and at times it has to be enforced. Some people are productive at the drop of the hat while others struggle to marshal their thoughts and focus.

Setting up a disciplined routine ensures that the work is done on time, and your employees strive to achieve their goals.

Dedicated pockets of focused time ensure maximum productivity rather than continuous work, which can make you feel discouraged about not being able to reach your goal. For example, a certain period of time with no distractions should be structured for maximum efficiency.

Creating an action plan and sticking with it

At times, you get so engrossed in the entire process of setting up of goals and achieving them that you forget to plan and to decide the steps you need to take. We recommend you write down the steps that you’ll need. This is important when you’re working on big and demanding goals.

Goal setting is an on-going activity, so build reminders to constantly keep track of the progress and adjust regular time-slots to review your goals while working on them. The desired eventual outcome is known to you, but the action plan may need alterations as you go along the way.

Final thoughts

We’ve given you the golden rules for setting workplace goals in 2020, and there’s no way you should wait. Start whenever your energy levels are high, and you’re ready to sit down for a few good hours and dedicate them to setting up of goals.

We are sure that these actionable tips will help you along the way as you prepare to launch your redefined goals and set out to achieve them.

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