Cross Site Scripting Prevention

What is Cross-Site Scripting? Also referred to as XSS, cross-site scripting is a code injection attack on the client-side. When an XSS attack occurs, the intruder will execute malicious scripts or a malicious payload into what is otherwise seen as a legitimate web application or website. A cross-site scripting attack is considered to be one […]

Everything you need to know about being a Network Security Engineer

What is a Network Security Engineer? Whether you are looking to find your nearest Network Security Engineer or simply wanting to find out more about what a Network Security Engineer does; this complete guide will answer all your questions. Ever wondered about a security engineer salary or what network security jobs are available? We cover all this, along with […]

Everything You Need To Know About HIPAA Compliance in 2019

What is HIPAA Compliance? Also referred to as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, this was originally introduced in 2016 as US legislation that is aimed with addressing security provisions and data privacy for the safeguarding of medical data. The HIPAA Compliance Standards ensure that companies who have dealings with PHI (Protected Health Information) need […]