API Scanner

API Scanner Why You Need an API Scanner API Security Scanning is an essential tool to help you secure IOT devices, mobile backends, and web services. In this post, we provide an in-depth overview of API Scanners along with what they do, why they are important, and what particular vulnerabilities they can protect against. FOCUS: To address web-based APIs such […]

Data Storage i.e. Computer Storage

Data Storage When people think “high performance” on server and systems infrastructure, they think of things like RAM (memory), and CPU (processor). When building out this equipment, they will usually lavish boatloads of both, to ensure their systems and infrastructure are performant. But, all too often, one of the most important and least acknowledged part of an infrastructure-build, […]

A Complete Guide to CSRF/XSRF

Cross-Site Request Forgery, CSRF, XSRF, or session riding attacks, as it can be otherwise referred to are becoming an increasingly common type of attack. A CSRF attack forces users to carry out unwelcome attacks on websites and applications within which they are already authenticated. It does not seek to steal information. Instead, it is specifically […]

Social Media Sites Security Battleground

Once trusted applications are more and more becoming the fodder for social hacks & identity theft. With the internet of things (IoT) taking off, so are the opportunistic careers of hackers – preying on social, mobile, and digital platform profiles – such as Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, mobile app stores, Pastebin, Instagram, Twitter, and even unattended blog […]